Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Moving Notes

I took a bunch of photos of the house but may have to retake them at a different time of day since there was SO MUCH sunlight, it kind of blurred things. What a good problem to have after living in a claustrophobic cave! I just can't get over how AWESOME God is!!! I always think I'd rather be guilty of praying for too much than too little, so I prayed and earnestly asked God in the last year for a home with some privacy, a huge yard, and sunlight. And He totally answered! He even threw in laundry facilities, a big pantry and a bathtub too! And my husband is majorly in love with the front coat closet. We had to throw our coats in a basket at the old place as there was no closet and no space for hooks or a coat rack. He is ecstatic about having a closet for all the shoes and coats!

Here are some random snapshots from our move:

*One plus is that I can't stand to pack dirty things so everything in our house got dusted and/or washed before being packed. A year's worth of cleaning done in a week!

*Our first night in the new house I declared I was going to have myself a hot bath after a few years of not having a bathtub (unless you count the blow-up swimming pool we would put in the bottom of our shower). Unfortunately the water was lukewarm since we hadn't turned the heater to hot instead of just warm. My hubby bought me some donuts (a rare treat) and I ate them in the lukewarm bath to unwind! The following night I did have a HOT bath and it was wonderful!

*We now have a gas cookstove and I am convinced that it cooks things twice as fast as an electric stove. Anyone agree?

*We love having a gas stove that blows heat. In our former place we had radiant heat that radiated down from the ceiling. It's kind of nice to now have a "hot spot" to stand by when you are cold.

*When scrubbing the old place, I found a tiny black footprint on the wall behind Jer's crib. It reminded me that even though these years are exhausting, someday I will miss those handprints and dirty footprints that little ones leave all over as proof of their presence in our family.

*Our washer is actually between the stove and fridge! You'll see when I post pics. I guess that was the only spot for a hook-up since this is such an old home. Oh well, it works well as extra counter-space when I'm cooking!

*Have you ever wondered what memories have been made in a home you are moving into? Sometimes I wish I could know some of the stories of the hard-working families that have dwelled within these walls. On the other hand, maybe I don't want to know some of what went on...... In leaving our apartment I was reminiscing (sp?) about how much we experienced in that little home. We had playdates, holiday and birthday celebrations, we brought both of our tiny boys home to that little place and lost many a night of sleep there due to juggling fussy newborns. We had Mexican fiestas and parties there with neighbors and tons of swim parties with Fernie and Frida in the yard. We had times of joy and times of frustration (such as when Ali used to smear poop all over her room as a tiny toddler). We had Bible Studies and prayer meetings and chatted with all kinds of neighbors in the long hallway. We loved being just a couple of blocks from almost everything in town (now we're a little further, having moved to the other side of town. But in spite of the memories we made there, it's fun to be moving on and moving up in the world!

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