Monday, December 22, 2008

My Favorite Cashier

It's not too often a cashier will have a post written about them. But though he'll never know about this post lest he think I'm a stalker or something, I will tell you about all of our (meaning all of my deal-shoppin' buddies in this town) favorite cashier.

His name is Dustin and he isn't outgoing or friendly. He doesn't make small talk or goo at the baby like a lot of female cashiers. In fact most of the time he looks bored to death and like a crabby college student.

However, this guy has saved me TONS of money! Little does he know that we deal-shoppers talk about him frequently when discussing various sales going on. You see, many of the other cashiers either,

A. Cannot figure out coupons and have to call a manager


B. Are really scroogy about ringing through coupons and will tell you that you can't use a manufacter's coupon WITH a store coupon even if I know it's store policy to do so and other cashiers have done it for me a hundred times

Dustin is neither. He types in the coupons with whirlwind speed and lets you use the FULL amount on coupons. So, if I have a coupon for $4.99 off a toothbrush but that brand of toothbrush was on sale for $4, he will still give me the full amount off, meaning I got paid $1 to take it. He always lets you use Buy One, Get One coupons WITH other coupons.

For example, tonight I needed to get some baby formula. It's pricey stuff and I was so hoping Dustin would be working. In fact, that is why a lot of my friends and I shop at nights, so we can have him for our cashier. When he's not there, I just skip out on buying something if I know it could possibly wait. He wasn't working and I knew the lady who was working was going to be scroogy about coupons. Just before I headed for the check-out I heard the lady call Dustin to the front. So he was in the store, maybe on break? I quickly circled the store again, biding my time, and a few minutes later I went to the front and he was now the cashier. YES! When all was said and done I paid $4 for 2 cans of formula that normally cost $14 each! I had a Safeway B1G1 and some Enfamil coupons. Had the other cashier checked me out, I no doubt would have either had to pay 3 times that much or else would have stood in line for 20 minutes while she tried to figure out how to get a manager to discuss whether or not it's okay to use store and manufacter's coupons together.

So, my tip for the day is that in order to save even more money at the grocery store, be choosy with your cashiers. It really does make a difference!

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jesse said...

i agree, dustin is a good one. our favorite at walgreens is that younger girl with extra piercings. She even calls us the coupon family!

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