Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kid Funnies


*Ali closed her eyes and bowed her head, "Thank You for my cookie and lots of things you give us." Jeremiah promptly copied her and said the exact same thing. It was so cute!

*Ali saying to Justus (in a sweet, baby-talk voice) "You like sister the best, don't you?"

*Ali saying to Jer, "We need to wash our hands before we eat, it's a message from the Lord." (then proceding to sing the Veggie Tales song "A message from the Lord" off of her Jonah movie.

Daddy was explaining why he calls milk "moo juice" to the kids. He was talking about how cows have milk and Ali pointed at me and said, "and her too!"

Ali told me enthusiastically she could count to 30. I was impressed. After 29 she began saying, 20-10. 20-11, 20-12.......


R Dvorak said...

Darling. I love what kids do! Today, I was holding Theo in my lap and he saw a strand of hair on my shirt, he picked it up and tried to put it back into my head. Finally, he gave up and said, "It not work." Aren't kids amazing?

Our family... said...

That 20-10, 20-11 thing is international! My niece in the Solomon Islands used to do that, too!

Heather said...

I love it when you share these!!

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