Sunday, January 24, 2010

Exactly One Year Ago....

This is what was going on one year ago today. A Youth Group Snowboarding trip to Red Lodge, an icy hill, a snowboard tumble, 3 hours of surgery, 7 hours of torturous driving on ice and snow covered roads one way to retrieve my husband from Billings, and weeks of Dr. appts that were in towns 3-5 hours away, piles of medical bills, and living on half of our income for a while. And guess what, on this side of things, we can smile! God provided for our EVERY need and we always had enough of whatever we needed and through financial aid and Samaritan Ministries we hardly had to pay a thing on the medical bills. Thanks to our Emergency Fund, we had no trouble covering our small portion of the bills and the gas costs to and from the city for appts.

A year later, Josiah's wrist is back to 85% of it's strength and motion. He's anxious to hit the slopes soon with the Youth Group but he's going to be even more cautious than he was before the accident happened.
I can't believe how much easier life is one year later as all of our kids are that much older and we are no longer doing nighttime feedings and bottles and Jer is potty-trained and I'm not having to take in babysitting clients to help make ends meet. Last year at this time was so rough. Anyone who saw my house, (or my hair =)), could surely tell that I was beyond pooped. But we made it through by God's grace and grew in our faith as we watched our Heavenly Father take care of us!
Today is a day for remembering God's faithfulness.


Heather said...

I like that--"today is a day for remembering God's faithfulness." I'm thankful for God showing Himself faithful to your family!

Thia said...

Oh do tell him to BE CAREFUL!

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