Monday, January 18, 2010

Nutcracker Pics

In the busy month of December I think I failed to post pics of Alathia's first ballet performance. So, here are my favorites!
In the first of the 3 performances she tripped on the slick stage but got right back up and started dancing again, never letting it bother her.

Watching the first half of the show and waiting until it was time for the Baby Sugar Plum Princesses to go up and dance.

Ali was so excited to get her first rose

(complete with a candy necklace attached)

from a sweet lady from church who helped out with the performance.

She was equally thrilled that Daddy got to see her dance

since he's never been able to attend a dance practice yet.

Daddy's not much for watching ballet

but he was bursting with pride in his little girl

and happy to watch the show for her sake!

So proud that Grammy and Boppa, my folks, came to see her!


Lura said...

The black and white pic at the end is adorable!

Phoebe said...

She is simply DARLING! Wow. What a beautiful girl!!


elizabeth said...

These photos are just magical! She is so adorable and looks like she is in her element for sure!

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