Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to Curl Stick-Straight Hair

When the ballet teacher makes ringlets mandatory, some of the ballet moms (myself included) shudder a little bit. How on earth do we get slick or fine and stick-straight hair to curl? What about my daughter's ragged hair-do because of her giving herself a haircut recently? What about the small kids who haven't grown much hair yet?
I discovered that there is hope!

Though these pink curlers in her hair made for some cute pics, they did a horrible job at actually curling it. I used gel, blow-dried and left in for several hours but even with lots of hair spray on the hair-do, the curls fell out in an hour or two.Excited to see the result of all of the curler torture!The second night we decided to try rag curls and mousse instead of gel. I cut some rag strips from fabric remnants and painstakingly rolled her wet hair in tiny sections while letting her watch a movie. Here, Daddy kisses his rag-headed girl goodnight. In the morning, the curls were as tight as could be and held up wonderfully the entire day through a picture session and two long performances! Alathia's curls looked no where near as gorgeous as some of the older girls who had very long hair with perfectly formed ringlets of equal size that bounced up and down like shiny, soft, slinkies. But overall, it looked very nice and the teacher was impressed!
Some moms of the girls with really short hair seemed to have success with a hot curling iron and lots of hair spray. But most used the rag curls overnight. If you have any tips on making perfect ringlets I'd love to hear them!


Nicole said...

Dirty hair will work much better than washed hair for kids with hard to curl hair! I would use a very small curling iron and hairspray and pull the curling iron down to get each curl out and that will make ringlets!

Lura said...

I have 3 boys, so no advice on curls, but the pics w/ the curlers in are priceless!

The Three 22nds said...

Ha Ha. Love the pictures. I have stick straight, fine, smooth slippery hair. I wanted curls so badly when I was little. *sigh*

I think that my mom had the most success with rags too. The curlers just wouldn't stay in right- hair was too slippery!

Guntzel Girls said...

Well, I think she looks absolutely adorable...although a couple of those sponge curler pictures will be priceless as blackmail when she's a teenager ;-)!


Lesley said...

I don't have any good advice but Ali's hair looks absolutely gorgeous!!

the momma said...

cute pics!!!

We always had the most success with rag curlers for Lana's hair, too.

Here's a thought ~ using the rag curler concept, maybe you could 'stuff' the center just a bit, giving a little bit looser curl.
A bouncy curl in straight hair = curl that WILL fall out sooner than you want! and hairspray can only do so much.....

Thia said...

My hair is such that no matter what we tried over the years, within an hour, it was straight again. A few years ago, a friend got married and many of her friends were cosmotologist and they went to work...and my curls lasted all day!
They told me not to wash my hair, even the day before. Then they used something called hair wax. And I had curls! Oh it was a wonderful day! I did have to use two servings of shampoo in the shower that night, but my hair felt just fine after that.

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