Monday, January 4, 2010

Review of 2009's Goals

Here is a review of how I did at meeting my goals for 2009. This is a long, drawn-out post, but I wrote it because my blog is a huge mode of accountability for me in my yearly goals. So skip it if it bores you!

Homemaking Skills:

*I did not end up planting a garden as I had hoped to, but received lots of fresh produce from friends and family with an abundance. Due to our difficult year and the fact that we rent, it was a very good thing I didn't do a garden. I did do some pretty flower pots thanks to my mom's encouragement and help.

*I did set up a tickler file (and forgot to blog about it.) It's basically a box on our computer desk with various file folders in it and that's where I stash papers to save, Josiah's random papers, and coupon inserts. I need to make a habit of going through it and sorting papers in it more regularly. It definitely helped cut down on desk clutter because now my papers have a place to go.

*We have been recycling our milk and juice jugs and glass jars all year thanks to having a pantry in this home.

*I met my goal for organizing photos half-way. I organized all the way up through April of 2009 but that still leaves me with quite a bit of work to do to catch up until now (at the rate I take pics!) I figured out how our computer stores things and now have a system for how I'm filing photos.


*I am amazed at how Alathia has grown in character and maturity in the last year. She has a lot more self-control, which was one of our goals, and little did I know that I would be homeschooling her already and seeing her enthusiastically tackle learning.

*My goal of keeping her busy has been met as she has more than enough schooling materials and projects to keep us both hopping!

*Resolving conflicts will be a lifelong lesson for them but the fighting has gone down a bit as they are older and play more games together (like building a tent, playing house, etc.)

*Teaching them to work: We got a magnetic chore chart with the kid's Christmas money last year and have been able to work the chore chart into our homeschooling morning routine. Before school begins we clean and straighten up the house. Our kids love to spray the kitchen floor and hand-mop it and sweep with little brooms.

*Teaching them to give: Progress is being made but we can always continue to grow in this area! They enjoyed picking out gifts from the Samaritan's Purse catalog this year (Justus-formula for hungry babies, Jer-soccer balls and food, Alathia-education for a child).

*We DIDN'T go to the nursing home at all, let alone a few times, as I'd been hoping to. Not knowing anyone in the home to visit was one of the biggest reasons, as well as just being swept up in the hardest year of our lives.

*My goal to research homeschooling curriculums was definitely met! I read a lot of books on the subject and jumped into pre-K homeschooling this September! I'm loving it!

Spiritual Life

*My goal to read through the Bible in a year was the best goal I made for 2009. What a rich blessing it has been! I'd been trying like crazy to finish by Jan 1st but alas, didn't make it! So, I've extended it to Jan 31st and I have Jeremiah 4-Malachi to read this month. I never would have made it this far without having told friends I was doing this and posted it on my blog for accountability!

*I definitely didn't meet my goal of being a patient and gentle mother. This is an ongoing pursuit! The fruit I see from this year is watching my kids apologize to me and to one another often because they see Mama doing it so much.

*I wish I'd paid more attention to the verse that was supposed to be my theme verse passage for 2009. Even though it's hanging next to the bathroom mirror, I sure need to put it into practice a lot more! (Proverbs 12:16-20).

*My goal of doing a Prayer Target of the Month didn't really happen. We continue to do a person of the day prayer emphasis and pray through the Christmas cards nightly, which is lots of fun.

*My goal of listening to sermons/uplifting music/the Bible on an mp3 player didn't happen since the player I got from my aunt ended up not working. So, at the end of 2009 I nabbed a $30 on a Black Friday sale with my portion of Christmas money for myself and quickly filled it up with hundreds of chapters of my Bible reading, sermons by favorite pastors, and favorite songs from my old CD collection. Now I wonder how I lived without it!

*Generosity-Always something to grow in but we were able to give much this year due to God's goodness. He provided enormous amounts of hand-me-downs and free homeschooling supplies and we were able to share much with others. We had lots of families over for dinner parties or lunches after church. A very sweet blog reader, Jenny, and her husband totally surprised us by sending us $100 on a Wal-Mart gift card. Because we had plenty of Christmas gifts and a freezer stocked from bulk cooking, we were able to use this to bless some families in our church who wouldn't have otherwise had many, if any, Christmas gifts. Thank you so much Jenny!!!
I really appreciated the November Giving Challenge that Kingdom First Mom did on her blog. It was a great way to focus on giving to others every day.


*Got on a kick with one of my best friends and got serious about losing the baby weight in October. Lost about 8#, and have 5-10 to go!

*I do pilates or try to use my mom's treadmill or walk the river walk a few times a week. Having an accountability partner and knowing that if I don't do my exercises I'll lose the priviledge of eating chocolate for a week has helped immensely!

*Have NOT met my goal of going to bed earlier....not by a long shot!

*I have completely turned over my wardrobe with my hubby's help and no longer look like I've walked out of a thrift store! He vetoed a lot of my denim jumperish outfits and encouraged me to get some newer clothes! I found some awesome, long denim skirts for $15 at and got some mid-calf fashion boots for wearing with skirts in the winter and some cute Keen Mary-Janes for everyday wear. In March, I spent most of my birthday money on clothing when we made a trip to Billings, MT. And thanks to the Black Friday sales on Lee Riders Jeans ($9, including a free t-shirt!) I have some cute jeans too.

*Becoming a Sneaky Chef has become second nature for me! Our eating has greatly improved in 2009 as I have become adept at modifying recipes to the fullest for maximum nutrition. This is one goal that I met and then some!


*I don't pray enough for my husband. We have been praying more together because of the trials that have hit this year. I definitely can always grow in encouraging him more.

*I have met the goal of getting godly input for our marriage. Sermons, books, discussions with my husband, etc. have challenged us to always be growing.

*We did not do a getaway this year. My parents' summer filled up faster than a speeding bullet. We did have some nice dates out to supper here and there but no overnights due to lack of opportunity.

My impossible dream to begin praying about remains a seemingly-impossible dream that we continue to pray about: buying a house.


We continue to save a little bit to try to build up our 6-months of living expenses emergency fund and continue to invest it so it will grow. It has been a blessing to have life insurance and our wills done as of late 2008. Our $2,000 emergency fund sure came in handy when Josiah was injured and we didn't have to go into debt to survive the financial set-backs. Our health sharing group covered just about everything related to his bills so we were able to replenish our emergency fund by the end of the year. Because we had some savings, we were able to get 30% knocked off of the second surgery by paying cash and then the health sharing group paid us back and waived our deductible for saving them money.


I read most of the books I set out to read as well as tons of others that I picked up at the library. The couple on my list that I didn't get to read I plan to read this year.

Family Trips

We didn't know if we'd have the finances to go to MN in 2009 but we made it in July and in December. Long, exhausting trips, but my hubby enjoyed seeing his family a lot! We did a few small camping trips, did a weekend trip to the zoo in Denver, and got to attend my brother's wedding as it was held here instead of in FL as we had thought it would be. We also attended 3 other weddings of special friends in our state.


*It has been amazing to see how my friendships have changed in the last year. I didn't expect to see the Blasdels move, but God richly blessed us with good times with them and with new friends who have moved into the area. I have really learned to let go in the area of friendships and to have better boundaries.

*I am learning to say no! It's getting much easier to turn down babysitting jobs and to not take on family stuff that I don't have the time or energy for.

*I let go of a friendship that was incredibly draining. It was very difficult but has been a very good thing in my life!


I did help with Dad's 50th birthday
Helped plan Anna's bridal shower
Threw Shiloh a baby shower
Helped a tiny bit with Amy's 40th (some of her other friends beat me to it and planned most of it before I could!)

At the end of 2009 I expected to see:

*Justus walking---RUNNING is more like it!
*Jer potty-trained---praise the Lord--I thought we would never make it! It took 10 months!
*A swing-set in the yard--no, but grandparents are looking for one--maybe next summer
*Kids memorizing Scripture--They did Psalm 23 and 1 Cor. 13 and have half the commandments down
*Me memorizing Scriptures from our Wise Words for Moms Chart--nope! Didn't work on it!
*The economy still struggling--Yep, my husband could end up being laid off if business doesn't pick up
*Getting our first real Christmas tree in our married life--Yep! And it's beautiful!

Last Year I wrote that I wanted our home to be:

A simple, restful haven

A Christ-centered training center

A place where many friends, old and new, have found hospitality and fellowship


Guntzel Girls said...

Thanks for sharing so honestly about both the goals you reached and the ones you are still striving for. Sometimes I hesitate to set goals because I am too worried I won't meet them, and then I end up not even trying! It's so much better to work toward a goal and not reach it completely than to not try at all. Congratulations on so many great goals being met! Your blog truly inspires me. I hope 2010 is a blessed year for you and your family!


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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