Saturday, January 23, 2010

Being One is Fun

After his first "flow-bee" haircut a week ago.

Yes, he didn't have much to begin with

but we cut it to even out some of the longer wisps.

He jumped right in and started cleaning the stove when I was doing it.

When he's not trying to eat garbage, fall off the kitchen table or chairs, or grab for hot objects
Justus is generally just being darling. He's the resident "servant" bringing people their shoes and throwing away kleenexes before we even ask him too. He's talking up a storm now and learning new words every day. His favorite word is "uhn-uh" and though it's naughty when he says it to Mommy and Daddy, it sounds so cute I have to remind myself not to smile or laugh.


Lesley said...

What a cutie pie!! He sounds a lot like Christian with the falling off the kitchen table and chairs part. I can't seem to keep Christian from climbing and of course that means he falls on a regular basis too. Does Justus drive you crazy when you're loading or unloading the dishwasher? I can't even do it anymore unless Christian is in bed because he is either trying to climb in it or he's snatching dishes and running off with them the whole time. I spend more time disciplining him and grabbing dishes back than I do getting anything done!

That's so cool that Justus is such a talker. I am now seeing for the first time what it is like to have a baby that doesn't talk a whole lot. He verbalizes and speaks his own little language all the time but only says a few understandable words. I think back to Aubrie saying about 45 intelligible words at 15 months and realize that she was WAY more verbal than I even realized then.

So, I guess my little guy will talk someday but for now I am enjoying his favorite word that he says all the time and that is, "Mama." :)

Heather said...

Absolutely adorable pictures! He looks so much like Ali in that first one.

LS said...

Lesley, I know what you mean about having a less verbal kid this time around. Justus is just staring to talk more but Ali was talking this much at 12 months and Jer at 10 months. They were both sooooo verbal that it's new for me to have such a physically active guy who doesn't talk much. Justus gets into EVERYTHING! I usually unload the clean dishes while he is strapped in his highchair for breakfast or morning snack. They all play together a lot too and so I look for opportunities to get stuff done when they are playing or when he's napping or in bed. He definitely keeps me hopping! And the boys sword fight with anything and everything you can imagine! Girls may be harder to deal with emotionally (drama and moods) but boys are sooo agressive and wild at times!

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