Friday, January 15, 2010

Jeremiah's Bruised Head

My Jeremiah is darling. He's sweet. He's cuddly. He's gentle most of the time. We're so thankful and blessed to have him in the family. But he's also one of those people that seems to attract mishaps as though he has a accident-prone magnet stuck to his head. You know, like the person who always gets hit in the head with the frisbee even though they are ducking and running away. If you've ever seen the old movie Pure Luck (and I'm not endorsing it all here--it contains some rough language--saw it a long time ago) he is exactly like the characters in it who seem to be living proof for Murphy's Law.

Consider these facebook status' of mine from this past week:

"Only Jeremiah would bend over with his head in front of the bathroom door and yell, "Come wipe me!" only to have me run into the bathroom, causing the door to pop him in the head, knock him over, and have him land on the bath mat with a poopy bottom, getting it everywhere. Choosing to laugh instead of crying and to be... thankful for a washing machine, wet wipes, and soap and hot water."
(He wasn't hurt, just so you know.)

"Life is rough when you are 3. You're finding out stuff about life everyday and often life's little lessons hurt. Lessons like why you shouldn't step on one side of the laundry basket and what a bloody nose is."

It wouldn't be so strange if these kind of things happened rarely like they happen to Alathia and Justus. But these kind of things happen to Jeremiah ALL OF THE TIME! From getting his arm stuck and pinned to his head when he's getting dressed to trying to hop onto a chair for lunch and missing the chair and hitting the floor to standing in front of the driver's door on the van when someone is opening it, to slipping and falling flat on his face both on the way to the van and on his way back into the house, the little guy is doing these kinds of things on a daily basis (often 3x a day!) If there's a way to get hurt doing it, he'll find it even though he's not an agressive, super-testosterone-driven little boy. And even if you think there is no conceivable way he can get hurt using a certain toy or item, he'll prove you wrong.
I've heard his Daddy was just like him so maybe it's a hereditary thing. Josiah and I just shake our heads and shoot each other looks across the table. "Is this kid for real?" "How is this kid still alive?"


A Loved Wife said...

He sounds just like my nephew!! My poor sister- in- law fell out of a doughboy pool when she was 8 months pregnant with him and landed on her belly. She and my nephew were okay, praise the Lord, but my nephew has random accidents like that all the time! It's a wonder he's lived to be 8!

We've joked that it began in the womb, but now I wonder if it really did have something to do with it! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I have a sixteen year old daughter who does the same thing. When she was little my favorite saying was "Watch out for that......"before she ended up running into the object. This year she has sprained her wrist (firing an air rifle, still don't know how she did this) sprained her ankle by sliding on a rock, numerous cuts etc. We gave her a package of bubble wrap for Christmas. Clare

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