Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two Year Olds

This is my second round at having a two year old. What have I learned thus far? That I really don't like having a two year old!!! I like him and I love being a mom, and yes, there are some cute things about this age, but overall, toddlerhood is so not my favorite stage!!! While Ali is gradually getting less strong-willed and more fun to be around in her zeal to learn and to do things for herself, Jer is becoming our most difficult child for a season. Now, there is a MAJOR difference in the way they have been/are at age two. It is HARD to have a 2 year old, it is INFINITELY hard to have the strongest-willed kid in the world be two years old!!! Yet, Jeremiah is still a challenge.

Just when I thought we were done potty training we went to Billings and let Jer use a diaper for the car trips. Then he came home with a horrible cold and started having accidents because he didn't feel well. So, though I was very frustrated with the messes, knowing that we had once been past that, we persevered through getting him back to going all the time in the potty. And yet, he'll go through spurts of having accidents and then being really diligent about taking himself to the potty. I know boys are harder to train and that potty-training takes a while, but the whole potty-training stuff is one small part of why toddlerhood is rough on me.
Jer doesn't explore or get into as much as Ali did but he's always moving, always making messes, and always talking. And sometimes Mommy just needs a break. Which is why I'm thankful he's an awesome napper and usually naps 3 hours in the afternoon. If I have the option to leave one kid home on the weekend when going somewhere, I try to leave Jer home since he is the hardest to keep track of these days!

Overall, Jer is still an incredibly tenderhearted little guy. He cries over every reprimand and scolding and lately even if Ali just blows in his face or says, "RAAA!" Of course she can't resist doing this over and over since his reaction is terror and tears. I'm forever telling her to be kind and telling him to toughen up. He cries when Justus cries and when Ali gets disciplined or scolded too. It just dawned on me the other day that he is very appropriately named after the weeping prophet in the Bible since he cries over everything and has always been the sensitive, emotional type.

Jer is fascinated with snakes and bugs and racecars and lions and frontloaders and tractors and fourwheelers. He loves to play outside and do all the typical "boy" things. He is thrilled over the trip we are planning to go to the Denver zoo this summer and talks about it all the time.

Recent cute comments from Jer-Bear:

"Mommy, look at my butt! It's a really big butt!" (Everything needs to be BIG when you are two.)

"Mommy, you are my fwend. I love you!"

"I love you too!" (Even before you say it to him, he will say this to everyone.)

Nowadays he usually says "I don't want that" only to say "I want that" a second later. So, I just roll with it and try not to make everything a fight. Even when he says he doesn't want juice, I start filling his sippy knowing that by the time the top is on, he'll change his mind. And for all the hard stuff that comes with this age, at least my Jerby is always good for a hug and a long cuddle session and he is the most repentant child I've ever seen when he needs to be corrected.
May God give us grace and strength to deal with our toddlers!!!


Bonnie said...

Just a thought on the entire potty training thing, I was going to say that I was potty trained during the day around the age of 2, but when Grandma died I started going during the day again. My mom says that she made me "clean up" after myself which apparently inspired me to start going on the potty again. Now this may be too time consuming or frusturating for you since you have two other kids to think about. Also sometimes if you sit them on the potty and turn on the faucet or bath tub, the sensation of water trickling/flowing might help him to urinate, so then you wouldn't have to worry SO much about if he will wet himself because its been too long.

I'm not a mom or anything but this has worked for me when I nanny, and the majority is little boys, so I just wondered if that might help your son as well.

the momma said...

it sounds kinda like Jer is trying to adjust to middle child status, to me.... we've dealt with some of this when the baby is becomming more of a 'person' and less of a 'baby'

non-stop talking - that one drives me bonkers, too ~ I love QUIET!

at least he was talking about his OWN butt & not his momma's :-) boys & body parts

have you read the book Raising Godly Tomatoes ?(it's actually online, too - but I prefer paper - in my hands...) I read it recently & wished I'd heard of it ages ago... course, as usual, I don't agree with everything, but still - a pretty good book

Rebecca said...

Are you going to be coming to Colorado for vacation or another reason? I would love to meet you and your family. I live in Colorado Springs and have been following your blog for several months.
Much of my family lives in Cody Wy, so it was fun to see that you are from that area.

S. and Company said...

Hey Lindsey,
Just wanted to mention that I'm sympathizing with you! (Haddie turns two in a month but she seems to have hit "that stage"!) I've been surprised recently to see my quiet and complient little girl turn so independant and bossy! ;o) She's a sensitive one though too- maybe that is what comes naturally after number one is so strong willed! I'm having to re-learn how to correct and discipline, because things that didn't even phase Seth send Haddie into tears!

Thanks for your thoughts!
God bless you as you continue through the toddler years!

S. and Company said...

He he! I just read your comment on our blog about the bathroom vent! That made me laugh! I didn't know anyone else did that! LOL Thanks! ;o)

Mrs. Jo said...


Maybe we can meet up? Do you have any interest in going to the zoo or maybe meeting in Denver for lunch if we end up going this summer? We'll only be there for a couple of days so it's just a quick trip.

The Momma,

I actually read over the Raising Godly Tomatoes articles often and have them on my nightstand. I love them! I found them through your link and also through Crystal's.

Thanks for the tips Bonnie! Those might help and also he seems to go better if we have great candies in the house as rewards!

Rebecca said...

I would love to meet up at the zoo! I will have to see where we are in our adoption process as it may be out of my capability at the time, but if we are free I think it would be great fun to meet you!

Do you do facebook at all?

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