Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Great Recent Pics

We now officially have a pic of every one of our kids backed up under the couch in their attempts to start crawling/scooting backwards
Our neighbors' tulips. Tulips are my favorite flower so I was so excited to find that some came up in our front yard and side flower beds this year. The neighbor has more but we have some pretty ones too!

My yard sale deal of the week last Saturday! A table and chairs for $10. I'm always looking for things at sales that will aid in hospitality. We're using these outdoors until we find a picnic table or porch set at a yard sale. We'll use it a lot inside for company too!

This was a yard sale buy from a friend from church. Ironically, I had been looking for one the day Justus was born (when I was yard saling while in labor) and they were bought up before I got to the sale. I've wanted one for a couple of years so I was ecstatic to finally get one for a great price. Jer adores it and Justus had the biggest smile playing in it, until he fell out the bottom and was stuck under the car!

This pop-up tent from a yard sale is a life-saver! For $2, it means Ali can have her "hide-away" to nap in at nap time in the living room. She naps well if I let her hide in a closet or a corner but in a small house it is usually hard to find a place to put her since both bedrooms are being used by the boys. They use it outside a lot too to play camping and to get some shade from the hot sun. I love that they can set it up themselves since their other tent (which is more for real camping) requires lots of work from Mama!

Our little man now weighs 17# and is 28 inches long. His head is in the larger end of the scale but he's gone from 10th percentile to 5th in weight. Funny that our largest baby turned out to be our slowest-growing. He has the tiniest little hands and is still wearing shoes that Jer wore at half his age. We measured Justus' hands in Jer's cement mold of his hand and they are the same size as Jer's were at 3 weeks old except for the palm being slightly longer. Justus is very stocky and built like the men on my side of the family but he is also petite with short legs, and tiny hands and feet. Jer was a string bean like his Daddy with no body fat but huge feet. Jer always had a tiny head and still does so a lot of the clothes and hats that did fit him don't fit Justus! Justus is still wearing clothes that Jer wore at 3 months!

The kids like to mow the yard like Daddy does.

Waiting for Boppa, my dad, to pick her up and take her to a picnic with Grammy

Sound asleep

Scrunchy face!

Alathia sleeps in the strangest positions that look so painful!

I love dressing the boys in matching clothes!
Yes, I'm that kind of parent! My boys are probably grateful they aren't identical twins or it would be worse!

I dipped my spoon out of my pudding one day and it looked like a heart!

The neat car that my friend who got married rode away to the reception in. I got this pic for Jer Bear and plan to blow it up and frame it for his wall.

4 little friends have breakfast together the day that we had the twins overnight

5 Little People in a van! Lots of carseat buckling going on! Made me feel like having only 3 is a piece of cake!

Justus loves this ball.

Running through the yard before Josiah chopped down the brush and cut the grass


Meredith said...

Those ARE great pictures! I, too, love tulips and found it great fun the first year in our house to see what was coming up as perennials.

Those pop-up tents are awesome! Great buy!

I am a dress-my-kids-in-matching-outfits mom, too, at least for now. So fun!

And I loved the heart in your pudding. Thanks for capturing that!

the momma said...

what fun!!

tulips used to be my favorite flower - but they just don't last long enough!

my boys still all love to dress alike. even the 22yr old :-) if we show up at church & the boys match - he'll ask, "why didn't you call me & tell me to wear my _________ shirt?!"

Lesley said...

What a bunch of GREAT pictures! Loved them all!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Beautiful pictues!!!

Thia said...

What fun pictures! The scooting backwards thing is hilarious, even with the third kid. "hmmm, how did I end up HERE?"

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