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The Best of COF---How Our Hubbies Got Hooked

My husband helped me figure stuff out so I can paste articles here again from my newsletter The Circle of Friends. So, after a break last week, The Best of COF is back! This published in August of 2006 and was intended for my single readers who were interested in what qualities a godly man is looking for. I share it here today in honor of my friend Heather who is getting married today! We met in Christian Youth in Action teaching 5-Day Clubs together when we were 14 and today her lifelong dream of becoming a bride is coming true!!!

How Our Hubbies Got Hooked

“If you want a model man you must be a model woman.” Kay Arthur

God is definitely in charge of bringing us the right man at the right time. He wants single women to delight in Him first and foremost, not to be chasing after men. Nevertheless, it’s interesting and encouraging for single women to hear what qualities God used to draw these men to the women they are now married to. Circle of Friend’s Reader’s hubbies speak out!

I appreciated her ability to laugh with me and at me! She was easy-going and I found her very beautiful and attractive.
Nathan, MN

I was hooked by my wife's beautiful face, and her good hygiene with an emphasis in nice smell/style.
Sam, MN

Thanks to God's leading, I was looking for certain qualities in a girl, and she happened to embody them. Some of those qualities were her standards like choosing not to date, dressing modestly/discreetly. Another quality I saw was that she had a good relationship with her family, and that she had studied the Bible and understood what a godly wife's role is. I also saw that she was teachable: not obstinate about subjective issues.
Will, ND

"Hands down" the number one reason is that she was an excellent example of Christ-like character. She could also do anything--I guess that means she has confidence, is independent and adventuresome, and has a go-get-'em attitude. She was also in good shape!
Jeff, CA

Desperation is a huge turn-off. I was hooked because my wife wasn’t at all desperate for a man, but was walking closely with the Lord and showed signs of spiritual maturity.
Josiah, WY

What drew me was that she was fun, confident, loved God, loved children, loved her family, took care of herself, was positive overall, and we were generally like-minded spiritually, politically and socially,...she also wasn't a pushover, and didn't bad mouth where she was or those around her, she wasn't negative about her life....
Paul, MT

I was drawn to these qualities:
1. Looks
2. Hard working
3. Bubbly personality
Kevin, MN

Personality, looks, and good hygiene were a few attractions to my wife.
Jay, MN

What attracted me to Laura was her modesty, obvious love for Christ and friendliness. I loved the fact that she wore dresses, it attracted me to her, and made me even more curious about her. Plus, she was very beautiful! And even friends with my sister! It was definitely made to be!
Joshua, MN

The 3 things that hooked me when it comes to my wife:
Natural beauty
Woman that loves the Lord
Fun personality
Brady, UT

I was hooked by her personality and friendliness. It was nice that she liked being active; like going on trips and doing outdoor things with me.
Allen, WY

I appreciated her modest clothing. Also, when we were engaged, I liked how she went around the house singing praise songs, and looked forward to her doing that in our home.
Jacob, MN

What attracted me to Sarah the most is how deeply committed to the Lord she is. I knew that if we were married there would be three people in the relationship: myself, Sarah, and God, and I was very happy about that! Sarah is also a very caring person. This stems from her profession of nursing and extends into every facet of her life. I am so grateful to have a wife with such a big heart. Along with caring, I found out that she could also be firm in her beliefs and able to handle herself well in most any situation. I hope I can be as good at keeping our kids in-line as I believe she will do once we start a family. I am grateful that we share some common interests, and she even takes an interest in some of my hobbies as well. As long as she can put up with the questions of "So, who's your little one?" from inquisitive fans at games, I hope she will continue to attend soccer matches I referee. She even goes as far as to let me watch NASCAR's go round and round in circles on Sunday afternoons during the summer.
Brad, MN

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