Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Best of COF--Summer Fun


*Host a pool party! Buy or borrow a little inflatable pool and invite your friend’s kids or neighbor kids over to have a splish-splashing time in the sun (of course making sure that kids are supervised at all times around the water). Set up sprinklers for them to run through too!
*Buy or make a batch of Popsicles and take a walk around the neighborhood, passing them out to anyone you see who looks like they need one!

*Invite your Sunday School class or Bible Study group over for a barbeque (or to be different, invite them to come over before church for a fancy breakfast served outside!)

*Make a pitcher of iced tea or cold lemonade and drop in on someone from church who is lonely or might enjoy a cold drink and visit.

*Grab some girlfriends on a Saturday morning and go Yard-Saling! Stop for smoothies or lattes on the way!

*Set up an ultimate Frisbee night at the local park with all of your friends.
*Plan a family camp out! Invite some friends to go camping at a nearby location with you.

*Surprise your husband with a picnic lunch at his workplace or kidnap him after work and take him to a pretty spot.

*Take some kids to the lake/park who otherwise might not get to go because their parents don’t have time to do things like that with them. Be sure to have helpers along to supervise!

*Sign up for summer swimming lessons or Mommy and Me swim classes.
*Host a waterfight or bonfire for your church’s youth group
*Mow an elderly friend's yard for them.
*Host a free car wash one Saturday. Invite all of your friends to bring their vehicles and let them put their feet up and eat a popsicle while you wash their wheels.
*Start a babysitting co-op so you and your couple friends can take turns going out on dates once a week or bi-monthly.
*Offer to watch someone's kids who is going through a rough time. Set up fun games in the yard and tell your friend to enjoy herself for the day. You may just get treated back someday!
*Set up a little tent in the yard and have a reading day with the kids, spending lots of time cuddling and reading books.
Every Saturday I'm posting articles/recipes/tips from my newsletter, "The Circle of Friends" which I am no longer publishing. This was taken from the June 2006 issue.

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