Friday, May 8, 2009

Cleanin' Up

My new little duster (which is so cute that the kiddoes beg me to let them dust) and my microfiber rag, ready to be put to work!!!!

My spring cleaning plans got a little sidetracked this week because of busy times and events but that is why I am taking this process bit by bit and doing what I can do. I'm always trying to organize and more effectively manage our home and yet there is only so much you can get done with 3 little kids. Does anyone else feel like they're just "treading water" constantly with cleaning? Often, I get so overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work looming over me. I've told my husband, "I have 20 hours worth of work to do and only 10 hours to get it done in!"

Since I try to stay on top of things, there aren't enormous messes calling my name but just the day-to-day cleaning, cooking, and laundry is enough to keep me hopping. I'd like to de-clutter my bedroom again, line the kitchen shelves with pretty paper, and shampoo all the carpets before May is over and then I'll feel like "spring cleaning" is over for a while. I also plan to host a yard sale in a few weeks too!

I've so enjoyed the posts at Simple Mom this week and the links she has given to Organizing Your Way. I've also been reading Simplify Your Life, which is a book about home management and organization that Miss Jenny, Ali's teacher, loaned me. Some people would say I'm extremely organized and have very little possessions but I never feel like my home is perfect or as organized as I want it to be. There always seem to be more piles and clutter to deal with! I have tried to imitate my super-clean friends at times and have a home where every room in the whole house is spotless but it is exhausting, overwhelming, and not-attainable for me at this stage of my life with the amount of space we have (or don't have) and the ages of children I have. I'm asking God to provide a dishwasher in the near future if it would be His will. I do what I can and try not to worry about the rest. After all "only God gets His to-do list done every day!!!" (quote from Mahaney).

I have really enjoyed reading "Biblical Productivity" (an online PDF mini-book) by C.J. Mahaney and being reminded to keep my priorities in line. If I'm glorifying God, serving and loving my own husband and kids, and reaching out to others with Christ's love, then that is what counts. It's so easy to get sidetracked from these things even for very good and worthy pursuits. I love what he has to say about roles and goals and redeeming your time so you can be truly productive instead of just busy.

Happy spring cleaning to those of you who are plugging away at it right now too!

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