Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Cleaning Pics

Justy sits among the clutter. I unloaded everything from the closet onto our bed.

The newly organized gift center is on my top shelf. I used to have all the bows, ribbons, gift wrap and bags in one large gift bag on the right but there was such a large collection bows were getting smashed so I divided them into different boxes and bags. The red gift bag is full of Christmas bows and one blue shoebox holds wedding ribbons and one holds all the other ribbons. The brown bag is full of gift wrap and tissue paper.
I didn't need to organize my gift stash because my current method works for me. The red cloth box is full of baby gifts, the round hat box is full of gift items and the red and green box is also full of general gift items.

Extra large gift bags are tucked between the wall of the closet and my hanging organizer. I used to use this organizer for Jer's clothes but I decided to use it when we moved to this rental. I only keep two pairs of shoes in it: my winter dress shoes and spring/summer dress shoes. My 3 other pairs of shoes are in the coat closet with our other shoes, bags, and coats. I have found that this hanging organizer makes a perfect "catch-all" for those little annoying odds and ends that you don't know what to do with. For example: the books I need to return to my in-laws that they've loaned me, my fall purse and fancier handbag, mementos from my brother's wedding, small boxes I can use for wrapping gifts in, small gifts that are wrapped or ready to go but need a safe place to hang out until the event, etc.

My side of the closet contains my scrapbooking tub and an apple box full of books on loan which my MN friends and family brought out in December since they know I love to read!

My hubby really doesn't get any shelf space above his clothes, probably since he doesn't seem to need it! The kids' Keepsake Boxes are there and I currently have 3 bridal shower gifts for 3 special friends sitting there ready to go!

My hubby's side of the closet after my cleaning. Our empty, traveling bags are on the left, the flowbee (a vacuum attachment he cuts his own hair with) his snowboot liners, and his baseball glove make up the other contents. Our imitation down comforter, which we love, is in the white garbage bag. We always keep one of our comforters in the closet so that if a baby or child wets on our bed or if we get cold with just one comforter, we can quickly pull it out and use it.

There wasn't a lot to do on our closet but I feel better now that everything is straightened and organized. We had a small suitcase and also a garbage bag full of snow hats and gloves taking up space in there which I condensed into the suitcase and hauled to the shed for summer storage.
More Spring Cleaning Pics to Come!!!


Lesley said...

Good job, Lindsey! It looks great and very organized! Doesn't it feel good when you're done with a project like that? The biggest challenge is just keeping it that way! :)

Lura said...

I never knew anyone who actually had a flobee! So he likes it? I would love something like that to do the boy's hair with.

Mrs. Jo said...

We love the Flowbee! My hubby has stiff, coarse hair that is impossible to cut nicely with scissors. His family has always used the Flowbee, both for his dad who has fine, slick hair, and for him growing up. It's so easy! I highly recommend it for your boys!

My hubby has done his own hair since his teens. He only needs help with the back (I use an electric razor on his neck and make a straight line across.

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