Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best Friends

Picking my friend a flower

Arianna and Jeremiah were friends before they were even out of the womb. Okay, so maybe that is a stretch....but my friend Amy and I spent our entire pregnancies walking together, pushing our firstborns in strollers with our big bellies on display. They were both born on the 8th of their respective months; Arianna is exactly two months older than Jeremiah. Since infancy, they have been friends and they have similar, easy-going personalities that make Amy and I both thankful for the reprieve after our fiery firsts! These pictures reminded me of those calendar pics that people take of little boys and girls smooching and holding flowers.

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Lesley said...

How cute!!!! The sepia color (if that's what it's called) looks great on those photos! Wow -- how adorable!!!!!

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