Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some of Mrs. Jo's Current Favorite Products--Fine Things Indeed

This is one of my new favorite baby products! I never had one for my other children but I sure wish I had! You can chop up fruits and veggies, soft meats, cheese cubes, or even put cheerios in it and it allows baby to feed himself. For someone who does NOT like to spoon-feed babies baby food and get pureed carrots spit in their face, this handy little tool is a Mommy's best friend. Some folks put popsicle or ice chips in it for teething relief too. You can find them in almost any store these days and they cost around $6 for a package of 2 of them. Justus doesn't need it as much anymore as he eats regular food now but I still use it when I want to contain the mess! It's dishwasher safe and fairly easy to clean by hand if you wash it right away.
This travel bag was a gift from my husband a couple of Christmases ago. On my recent weekend trip I was reminded again how much I love the convenience this bag offers! You can buy them from a variety of companies and in various sizes depending on trip length and family size and they make it easy to find everything you need when getting ready for your day. I keep mine fully stocked with travel-size bathroom items so that the only thing I need to add when packing for a trip is a few make-up items and I'm ready to go in a flash!

This reed diffuser from Pier 1 is my favorite new product for making my home a haven. I recently visited my sweet Aunt Joanie and admired her newly remodeled and decorated living room. She had several of these reed diffusers around the house and I'd never tried them before. They smelled wonderful! In typical Aunt Joanie fashion, she whipped out a brand new one and gave it to me after I said I liked them! All of my moms' sisters are generous to a fault! =) I took mine home and placed it on the shelf above the kitchen sink and now when I'm doing dishes I smell the lovely, invigorating scent of citrus fig. I like these because they look kind of unique and fun and you don't have to remember to light them or blow them out as you do with candles. I haven't tried any other brands yet but this one doesn't smell heavy, toxic, or artificial but very fresh, natural, and light.

Reed Diffusers from Pier 1

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Amy @ Finer Things said...

I've seen those baby food things a lot lately. Never saw them when my kids were babies. Super cool!

The reed diffusers... I need one of those. I'm horrible about remembering my candles, but I love to smell pretty things. :)

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