Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm Back!!!

Hey blogging world! It's good to be back after 13 days of hanging out with family and being really busy! December was tons of fun and yet probably the busiest month I have ever lived through. I don't recommend moving in December if you have a choice in the matter! Throughout the month I just kept repeating to myself, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." So, through the busy-ness of moving, handling a flood of church meetings, getting ready for Christmas, packing for a Christmas at the cabin with family, hauling all of our stuff (food, bedding, clothes, cribs, toys, gifts, water, etc.) and kids up there alone, getting stuck with my van on two hills trying to drive up to the cabin, dealing with all kinds of milk supply issues, a bad cold, driving on icy roads, staying up late visiting with family and still getting up a few times a night with Justus, hosting company for a few days, and having some family over for meals I survived and feel like the experience has made me stronger! It's strange because even though it was a super busy month, it was also a great month in that we got to spend lots of time with family and I had lots of help with the kids at the cabin and so I felt lazy and relaxed at times! And when my mom-in-law was here she did dishes non-stop and washed clothes for me which in and of itself is a full-time job! So, even if things were crazy some days, some days I didn't have much to do. I don't regret moving (we love our new place) and I don't regret all the fun times we had with family and friends. It will be nice to get back into a steady routine again though. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.

I'm planning to take a "Nursing Vacation" for the next 2 weeks and avoid shopping, playdates, church events, and as much as I can insofar as they prevent me from pumping. I wasn't able to pump in the last two weeks so I plan to give it everything I have for a couple of weeks and then decide if it's helping or if it's time to back off and mainly feed with the bottle.

I will be posting TONS of great pics from our adventures so stay tuned!!!

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Kristin said...

Welcome back! Sounds like it was a fun (but busy!) time. Love all the new photos!

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