Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Word's FUNNEST Family

Cool Cousins
Aunt Suzee playing Guesstures while King Jo looks on like he's not impressed.

Mason decides to do something spontaneous at the stroke of midnight and slide down the sledding hill in his regular clothes.

What could be better than swiss chocolate fondue on New Year's? Why the goofy face Mas? I gave chocolate up for December so it was heavenly to delve into eating LOTS of chocolate at the stroke of midnight!

My brother Colter acting out a word in Bible Guesstures.

Uncle Paul, gearing up for his turn.

Playing Loaded Questions for hours on end on New Year's Eve. We played with couple teams (poor Ash and Mas had to be a couple--they are bro and sis). It was absolutely hysterical!!! Talk about getting to know your family on a whole new level! The lovebirds, as Colter and Anna are affectionately called, won the game.

*Okay, so maybe funnest isn't a word and maybe this family is only the funnest in MY world, but I have to introduce you to the Stafford clan. We spent New Year's Eve with them at the cabin and they are a HOOT!!! I never laugh so hard as when I am with them. In fact, I feel like I giggle constantly around them as well as having tons of I'm-laughing-so-hard-I'm-going-to-wet-my-pants sessions. Maybe their sense of humor is just exactly like mine, but I have always enjoyed times with them and wish they lived closer than 5 hours away.

Uncle Paul is very smart and LOVES theology. He used to be the family terror, teasing the kids endlessly and throwing my brother in the snow in his underwear and filling our sleeping bags with dogfood. He's settled down now that he's in his forties. God used him to make me a Calvinist. =)

Aunt Suzee is a natural counselor and mentor. She loves to laugh, is incredibly honest and vulnerable, and loves to have long chats about anything and everything. She wants to join me in getting a tatoo that says, "I heart John Piper" in Greek. =) She is one of the biggest influencers/mentors I have had in my life.

Ashlee and Mason, their kids, 18 and 16, have always had the cutest laughs I've ever heard! They inherited their dad's quick wit and their mom's compassion and they enjoy rousing games and add tons of laughter to any party. And now that Mason has a love interest, he's way fun to tease! I can actually remember babysitting Mason when he was ONE so it makes me feel old to look up at him now.

We've spent many a Christmas with them at the cabin since they were born so it was really cool to have them there again. Like time had stood still and I was a kid again.*

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Rachel said...

Totally off the subject of your fun family, I wanted to let you know about another good resource for helping grieving friends.

I know how much you heart John Piper. Did you know he had a stillborn granddaughter last year, named Felicity? His daughter-in-law Molly has a blog and did a series of posts on how to help a grieving friend. Here is the link:

At the bottom of the post is a list of the other posts in the series - they are all very good!

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