Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kid Funnies This Week

Ali took her brothers for Show N' Tell last week on her special day at preschool.

One of the little boys told the class that his grandma was going to have a baby too. Apparently his grandma has a baby dog in her tummy that is going to come out soon. The teacher replied, "I'm going to be rich when I sell this story to the Enquirer!"

Overheard, "You are the Dad, I'm the Grammy, Mom is the Mom, and Justus is the kid." (Playing house. I guess being the Grammy is more exciting than being the mom or the sister these days!)

"Mom can we watch Winnie the Poo-Poo?" (How many times do I have to tell you kids it's Pooh! What is a Pooh bear anyway and who came up with calling him that?)

Jer stumbled on a toy and began crying when he hurt his foot. Ali immediately burst into song, "Oh be careful little feet where you walk....."

Daddy told Ali she was a beautiful little princess one night when he was tucking her in. She said, "Thank you Daddy. And you are a very manly man."

Jer put his face in the water in the bathtub and swallowed some water. He choked and sputtered a couple of times. Nothing major at all. Ali said, "Are you okay?" He replied, "Yeah. I dwounded."

She said, "Oh, you drowned?"

"Yep, I dwounded. I'm okay now."

Ali's new favorite phrase is, "Here's the deal..." I wonder if I say this a lot? It sounds awfully funny coming from a small person saying it so matter-of-factly.

Not sure where Ali got this, but she's always running up to Justus and saying, "Hey Best Friend! We're forever friends! You love your sister, don't you? It's okay, don't cry Best Friend! You're my bestest friend in the whole world!" (Good thing Jer is still too young to care and realize his feelings should be hurt.)

Ali prayed today for Justus at breakfast since it's "his" day. She said, "Thank You for the Little Cutie." This is one of her nicknames for him.

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