Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gifts Galore!

Justus snuggles with his new pal from Cousin Daniel.
Justus "helps" Grandma and Grandpa open gifts.

A dump truck from Cousin Daniel!

Ali curls up and falls asleep in a gorgeous quilt made by her Daddy's 91-year-old Grandma!

Joel and Kathy, my in-laws display their personalized towels I made them.

Look what Grandma and Grandpa got for us boys!
How ironic that with all these new hotwheels and trucks, the most popular toy to drive on the road rug is Ali's new princess carriage! Ali and Jer are always fighting over it! I can totally relate Kristin!

Grandma Kathy enjoys little Justus. This is the second time they've seen him.

It sure felt like my in-laws brought a mountain of gifts! Probably since they brought out an apple box full of Christian fiction books for me to read (some of the books are theirs and some are from Cousin Becki (thanks Becki!)) and yet another bag of books on loan from my friend Hannah! They also snagged about 30 kids videos at a yard sale which they brought out for the kids (Elmo, Winnie the Pooh, Thomas the Train, etc.) and homemade quilts from great-grandma and gifts from King Jo's sister and my friend Hannah. We definitely received more than we deserved! The kids are excited to watch one kid's video a day (Jer has fallen in love with Thomas) since it's been really cold here, and Mommy is excited to have about 2 years worth of good fiction to read! I also got some silicone muffin cups from my in-laws that seem to work really well and save me from having to buy paper liners!


Thia said...

I thought about buying one of those mats, but we found other stuff instead. Now I wish we had gotten it. That dump truck? My kids like to remove the bucket part and ride it. Crazy kids.

Kristin said...

I love that picture of Ali bundled up in her new quilt, sleeping!

I have an unrelated question for you. I've heard you talk, in the past, about lacing cards/activities for Ali. Do you make them yourself or can you get them somewhere? I'm interested in doing something like that for Madison. If you make them yourself, would you mind e-mailing me some pictures of what your activities look like?

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