Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope in Loss

A while back I had asked for advice on ministering to grieving friends. Well, in reality, one of these gals is actually always ministering to me. Her attitude and faith in the midst of such a painful trial, the loss of her prematurely born baby girl, has been so beautiful to me. Whenever I talk to her I feel like I want to know Jesus more. Whenever she shares her pain and struggle and yet her desire to see God glorified in this, I marvel. When she shares her fatigue and difficulties I want to pray for her and help her as much as I can.

One day she told me that even though she would have never chosen to have lost a child, that this trial and this pain is worth it to know God's presence in such an incredible way. She said that during this tough time she feels like she is being carried in God's arms. She has a lot of unsaved family that may come to know Christ through watching her and her husband get through this loss and she would love to see this happen.

Being around this friend of mine has made me question in my own life whether or not everything I do and say points to Christ in such a way. I want to know Christ so deeply that just by being around me, others get thirsty for Him. Suffering is never easy, but when trials of various kinds come, I want to embrace them as opportunities to make much of God and be a lamp on a hill to a world in darkness. Easier said than done, right?

Please pray for my friend that God would bless her with another baby in His perfect timing and that her health and the pregnancy would go smoothly and the baby would be born safe and healthy at the proper time.

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