Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy 50th Pa!

"Boppa" as the kids call him, gets acquainted with Little Justus.
My hubby looks on while Dad makes a jump.

My Dad blowing by on his snowmobile, spraying powder all over us!

It looks like Dad is laying in the snow sometimes when he spins donuts in the powder.

My Dad is a Snow Cowboy. No question about it.

One with his Dragon.

Sorry, no hillclimbing photos since I snapped most of these when Dad led the ladies on a leisurely, non-extreme ride. However, Dad is a legend (according to my brother's friends) when it comes to cornice jumps and hillclimbing.

Today is my dad's 50th birthday. Wow, my parents are getting old! But Dad likes to say 50 is the "new 30" and he definitely acts like it on a snowmobile so I'm not too worried about him being a half a century old!

Dad, thanks for being a dad who always enjoys a good chat with one of his kids. Thanks for being a guy who stuck with us and always provided for us when most dads in today's world don't. I'm excited to see how God saved your marriage and is now using you both to reach other couples in trouble.

I'm proud of the hard work you have done in building your business from the ground up and know you are incredibly smart and have a photographic memory and incredible talent with building things from wood. I think you are a wonderful Grandpa to my children. What other Grandpa would let his grandkids beat the tar out of him wrestling and use him for a human trampoline for an hour straight?

I love the way you tell interesting stories and keep people on the edge of your seat with tales of breaking horses, elk hunts, and Grizzly bears. I know no one else who has cheated death as many times as you (falling asleep a the wheel, getting all of your ribs broken by a horse, getting your leg shattered by a mule's kick to the leg, having two trees fall on your chest logging, setting off avalanches snowmobiling, camping in Grizzly bear country for a few weeks every year on the elk hunts, and surviving your own driving (comparable to driving in the Nascar races without watching the road!)

I hope the Lord continues to work in your heart and your life and that He continues to protect you and give you many more years with us. We love you!!!

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