Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Indoor Activities for Kids #1

Some of my ideas in this series will be very common and ordinary and some will be more involved or creative. I wish, like Julie, that there were things we moms could fall back on during the cold winter time that allowed us to lounge around on the couch and take a bit of a break while the kids did their thing. Unfortunately for us moms of really little ones, unless you park them in front of the TV or computer, this probably won't happen! Not all of the ideas will be hard, and when you have homebound kids that are bouncing off the walls, you may come to agree that a little planning and a little mess or clean-up are infinitely better than the constant fighting and screaming that ensues when there are no activities planned for the day

Bubble baths keeps my kids occupied for a while. Try using food coloring in the water or allowing the kids to take some new things into the tub, such as your potato masher, whisk, turkey baster, funnel, etc.

Ali glues felt letters on some paper, trying to find all the letters in her name.

I put some shaving cream in a ziploc bag along with some colored, foam stars. I double-bagged it just to ensure that the bag wouldn't break. The kids had lots of fun kneading their bags and searching for the stars, which took a lot of effort to find in the goo!

This idea really wasn't that smart. Don't use washable markers to decorate a balloon because the markers will just rub right off on hands, arms, clothes, the table, etc. It did work wonderfully to draw faces on the balloons with a permanent marker (Mommy doing the drawing) and the kids enjoyed their "people" balloons.


Anonymous said...

loving the purple goggles in the balloon pic!

Meredith said...

Someone suggested to me today to put a bunch of snow in the bathtub, then let the kids lean over the edge and scoop with sand shovels, molds, measuring cups, etc (wearing mittens). I haven't tried it, but it sounds better than bundling up two to go into the cold outside!

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