Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Father's World--The Letter U (Us)

Last week's theme was "God Made Us Wonderful"
We read all of the stories we own that talk about how God made us special.
Alathia did a great job reading some of them to her brothers and completed her Book-It goal for the month (reading 15 minutes, 15 times).
The kids loved reading the book that shows all of the inner parts of a human body.
We covered the muscular, skeletal, circulatory, nervous systems, etc.
Alathia exclaimed, "I thought our hearts looked like a heart shape!  I didn't know they looked like that!"

One day I put blindfolds on the kids and did sensory tests on them.
They got to taste lemon juice, sugar, garlic powder, etc.  They got to smell cinnamon, pepper,
perfume, and soap.  They got to touch different textures and I played youtube clips of different animal sounds so they had to guess which animals made those sounds.  We talked a lot about our 5 senses.  When asked which sense she would choose to live without if they had to pick one, Ali said, "I would like to be blind, because then I wouldn't have to do any schoolwork!"

I pulled out our tubs of beans, cornmeal, and rice for them to explore the world of TOUCH.

We made little "All About Me" books.  I let them dig into the huge sticker bin we have (my Aunt Joanie recently gave me TONS of craft supplies she was getting rid of) and they chose stickers of things they like to put in their book.  We wrote down their goals, hobbies, and favorite things that they like to see, touch, taste, smell, and hear.

I also had them each put a handprint in their book.  I jotted down their stats (weight, height, age) from the first day of school and plan to glue a pic of each kid in their book.  That way, in the event of a something terrible, like having a child go missing, we will at least have some basic info about them to show the police.  So it's a book about them, for fun, and for identification purposes.

They traced their handprints for their binder pages.

We read a couple of books on how babies are born and how God made boys and girls different.  We talked a lot about personal safety too and reviewed what kind of touches are okay and not okay. 

Ali's stickers

Justus' stickers

Justus' 5 senses favorites

It was a fun week!  Sometimes the boys have trouble remembering a letter we have worked on all week, but because of its' unique shape, they quickly memorized the letter "U" and were pointing it out to me wherever they saw it during the week. 

On Friday we celebrated little Katrielle's first birthday together with family and got to see my youngest brother who was in town from out-of-state.  I thought that having a family birthday during our "Us" week was very appropriate and fun!


Anonymous said...

Love those 'all about me' books! Thanks for the inspiration. :)
Amanda S.

BW said...

Hi! I am looking into using this curriculum with my littles(5&3) and was wondering if the curriculum gives you ideas for activities (I am not the creative type!) or did you come up with these yourself? Also, does it cover any basic History? We are using Abeka for Math and Reading/Writing but I am looking for something fun and basic for History, Science and Health, just for some exposure without overwhelming them( and me:). Would you recommend this? Thank you for any answers you can give me! Bobbie

stamplady said...

my pastor friend posted this on fb about his grandson with a really cute photo "Emmanuel found a new friend to study beautiful things together. Oh that you will find someone to study the beautiful things of God with, today. Oh how He loves you!" I love the picture of the glass beads in the little hands, it reminds me of his post.

LS said...

Hi Bonnie,
I wrote you a long reply and then my blog glitched and I lost it! I'll summarize it by saying that this curriculum probably isn't what you would be looking for. It mainly focuses on the letter, the science topic for that letter, and some Bible/character stuff with the letter. It doesn't cover history, though biblical history is covered extensively in the first grade stuff and beyond. I come up with my own ideas half the time and use some ideas from the book and some from my friend Kristin who blogged about this curriculum last year. Thanks for asking, sorry it has taken me so long to respond!

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