Monday, October 3, 2011

My Father's World--The Letter L (Leaf)

Making pictures out of leaves we collected

Leaf rubbings

This delightful book our cousins got us a while back was perfect for this week's lesson and I enjoyed the gorgeous illustrations and the storyline as much as the kids each time!

We have been learning place values and counting by tens in Math-U-See so I had Ali collect 100 leaves from the yard and we sorted them by tens and counted them.

One afternoon Jer and I just laid under the trees in our yard and watched leaves fall.  Capturing the falling on camera was difficult!

Have you ever had an afternoon where the kids were actually playing together nicely for hours on end?  This rarity occurred on Monday afternoon, so I grabbed a magazine, my focus chart, and rustled up some chocolate and enjoyed laying on a blanket outside near the kids.

On Tuesday we took a ramble through a nearby canyon and enjoyed a picnic and the beautiful colors and sites

The kids LOVE to feed the fish!

I brought my tripod and used the self-timer for this pic.

The kids call these "choke-berries."  We picked a few to take home.

We read about trees and read the story "Johnny Maple Leaf" which is really cute.

I learned a lot about leaves this week too!  Look how the chlorophyll is breaking down in such a neat pattern on these leaves as they change colors!

I had a hard time coming up with "L" snacks this week so we really didn't do anything with food for school.  We practiced writing the letter L, did some leaf coloring pages, made a little fall booklet and reviewed the letters we've learned thus far.  I really enjoyed the theme for this week "I will live and grow in Jesus" and our song of the week "Read your Bible, Pray every day and you'll grow, grow, grow....."

We also got a special musical treat this week!  A friend gave me some tickets to a local concert that she wasn't going to use so I took the two older kids to this fabulous concert done by a group of family singers that were amazing (and their last name started with L!)  They played and sang all kinds of music (classical, opera, broadway, 40's, 60's, jazz, gospel, country, patriotic), and they did some ballet, ballroom dancing, and river dancing.  It was quite the show!  The kids were thrilled to stay up late and to get to go to McDonald's for sundaes afterward!

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