Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Photo Fun

Here's what I've been up to with my new camera. I've seen dramatic growth in my photography skills over the summer. I've read tons of books, tons of articles, and have practiced daily or near-daily. I no longer shoot in dummy-mode and rarely use a flash. I absolutely love taking pictures and I'm getting lots of calls these days for people willing to pay for family photos. I even booked my first wedding too! (I'm sooooo nervous! Please pray for me! Weddings aren't something I want to do for very many people but this gal has promised not to be a bride-zilla!)
I've also been asked to do our church's directory booklet, which I'll start next Sunday.

My nephew, Jedediah, is such a darling! 

Justus and his look-alike friend Eli from church.

As for all the photos of all-boy families and the cowboy hats, what can I say?  I live in Wyoming!
Single women ought to head this way!


Peachtree said...

Great photos Lindsay! I love that digital cameras have put good photography into the hands of even the budget-minded!

I absolutely LOVE that shot of the family hug with the stair-stepping cowboy hats! It is SO ADORABLE!!

stamplady said...

I LOVE the hugging cowboys!!!!

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