Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eating My Frogs--2 Down, 8 to Go!

Eating my frogs...one at a time...
Sat down with my un-matched sock pile while visiting with a friend who dropped by for tea and cookies.  In the course of the visit I folded 87 pairs of socks!  I've concluded that I hate white socks and much prefer the socks with colorful designs or characters on them since they are so much easier to match.  We go through approximately 47 pairs of socks in a week in this household.  I love summertime when that number is more like 7 (Josiah wears socks in his work boots but the rest of us wear croc-style shoes or sandals!)

Our Math-U-See lesson for the day was on counting by 2's so I made Ali count all the matched socks by 2's twice.  Beware of the homeschooling mom, who will use everything in life for a school lesson!


Thia said...

Each child has a different sock. I do not fold socks. They go in small baskets that go in their drawers. So I know that the green "Hanes" go to my son, the pink crews go to my oldest etc. Plus, there's no "pair" stress. If one sock gets a hole, I just throw it out, but keep the other as sooner or later it will match up with another.
Congrats on the frogs though! That's great!!

the momma said...

Good job on the frogs!!
Instead of waiting 'til I have a full load, I aim to wash smaller loads of whites every-other day, to avoid having to match so many at once. And then, when I put away Tyler's laundry - I take a minute to try to match up any stragglers (the mis-matched basket is under his sock basket - thus the connection ;-)

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