Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some New Projects

After four months of letting my machine sit idle, I finally had the energy and motivation to whip it out yesterday and get something done.
I took large new washcloths and cut them into fourths and hemmed around them to make baby washcloths.  Washcloths are a must for every mom and make a cute, but inexpensive gift!  I did 8 in about an hour!
I got super inspired by my bright fabric scraps and made this little skirt with matching headband and socks on a whim, without a pattern, to give to my cousin Amy, for her first baby, Sofia, who is coming in July.
I had promised a couple of cousins some leather shoes for their babies. 
I had a really hard time going around the lines on the dolphins so they turned out looking kind of rough....ooops!


Heather said...

Adorable gifts, Lindsey! How did you make so much in one day?! :)

LS said...

I had cut the pieces out ahead of time the night before so that part was done. The 8 washcloths only took an hour and I probably only spent an hour or two on both pairs of shoes and 2 hours on the skirt set. So, total I sewed about 2 hours before lunch and about 2 hours during nap time later in the day.

Jade said...

Lindsey, you should sell these shoes! I would buy them!!!

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