Friday, April 23, 2010

Tasty Grace

Yesterday I talked about the encouragement a special lady at my church gave me during this season of sickness.  Well yesterday I got another heaping dose of grace in the form of this cute package!

Remember my uber-creative and hardworking friend Jenny?
She must have read my blog post on tips for coping with morning sickness, because she put together this wonderful package filled with all of my best anti-nausea goodies....
.....complete with a homemade banana-cream pie (with marshmallows and chocolate on the bottom)!
Totally unexpected and wonderful!
It definitely got a thumbs up from Justus!

The neat thing was that this food came at the perfect time.  After 3 days of feeling really great during the day and only throwing up at night (yes, one of the times was WHILE driving!), and thinking my nausea was mostly gone, I had a really awful day yesterday of feeling super nauseous and having a bile-burnt throat that caused swallowing to be difficult and everything I ate to taste like bile.  I was trying all of my desperation remedies yesterday with no success and wondering how I would make it through Ali's first-ever soccer game yesterday night.  I realized that when I was feeling good earlier this week, I was trying to do so much on my own and didn't remember to lean on God's strength because my body felt so amazing.  When I felt awful it pushed me to my knees quickly!  I was begging God to help me make it through the day, telling Him how tired I was of being sick, and how much I needed Him to carry me through it.  And within minutes the pie and goodies showed up!  The emotional boost helped to feel physically a bit better and the bubble gum enabled me to make it through the soccer night, only gagging once during the game, which Ali's team won!
God is so faithful!
Thank you Jenny for being used of God to bless a friend!

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