Friday, April 9, 2010

8 years ago today a nervous young guy popped the question and I said yes.
The next morning I made him Y-E-S pancakes in the school cafeteria for breakfast.
He got thrown in the lake 3 days later (a college tradition for engaged guys)...brrrr.
What an adventure life has been since then!
(Sometimes I make him Y-E-S pancakes, just for fun!)


Thia said...

Thrown in the lake? That's great!!!

Peachtree said...

Hey! I love that!

Tomorrow it will be 6 years since I said yes . . . I think I'm gonna make pancakes for breakfast!! :)

(And thanks for the reminder, I might have forgotten the big day until it was too late to do anything special!)

Lesley said...

Hi Thia :) Yes, the guys were thrown in the lake and it was always fun to watch! (I went to the same college as Lindsey). My husband and I were engaged while I attended that college but since he attended a different college, he somehow avoided the cold plunge in the lake. Good thing too, since it was November when he proposed. LOL. They may have had to chop a hole in the ice.

Cute post, Lindsey!

Tammy said...

Such a cute story!! I bet your kids love to hear it!

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