Thursday, April 22, 2010

A New Skirt

One of the sweetest gals at our church, named Elizabeth, presented me with this new skirt a couple of weeks ago.
She knows I love long skirts, and she and her two daughters, who had come to the Modesty Night I did for teen girls, thought it was a great "modest" skirt to give me to thank me for doing the Modesty Night.
They also knew I'd be thrilled that they had found it at a thrift store in a bigger city, brand-new with the tags still on it, for only $3!!!  Little did they know it's in my color scheme too, with the pink side being "my best colors" for spring and the teals and browns being "my best colors" for fall.
It's very lightweight for hot summer weather, but dual-layered so it's not see-through and it's two skirts in one!

Some broomstick-style skirts are very un-flattering on my figure but this one, in spite of all the cool, crazy colors, is actually slenderizing!  And Elizabeth thought it would be perfect for the pre-maternity clothing stage, and post-pregnancy stage where it can be tough to find things that fit!
So, all of this to say, this is my new favorite skirt....I'll be wearing it often!
I'm so blessed by Elizabeth's encouragement through my time of sickness.  She knows very well what it's like, having suffered for 9 months with each of her 4 children!  (That's 3 years of her life spent nauseous!)  I received the skirt on a day when I was feeling extremely sick and very hopeless emotionally.  It was a blessing!  Her family also bought us a Dominos coupon card, which allows us to get a free pizza every time we order, which is very nice because I find myself craving pizza a lot, and was unable to cook much during my time of sickness.  Elizabeth's example of blessing others and serving those around her, time and time again, inspires me.  I hope to reach out and help young ladies who are struggling with severe pregnancy nausea throughout my lifetime.

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