Friday, August 28, 2009


Ali: "Mom, why are you so happy?"
Me: "Because Mrs. Shiloh bought me something at a yard sale today...."
Ali: (Puzzled look)
Me: ".....MONEY SAVING MOM'S yard sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I know it's a little bit "schoolgirlish" to bounce around the house suppressing squeals, but Crystal is my favorite blogger, and has been for a few years since I discovered blogging, and I OWE a ton of thanks to her for teaching me couponing, frugal tips, and also encouraging me in my role as a Christian wife and mother. Someday if we visit our friends in Kansas, I hope to meet her! But until then, it's exciting enough that one of my best friends got to meet her and bought me something at her yard sale!!! *And how weird is it that both Crystal and Shiloh gave birth to their third kids on the same day!!!*
(My friend Shiloh is back home in Kansas house-hunting for a few days since they are moving to that area in a month. Their house sold to the first people that looked at it here---have I mentioned how hard it is to find anything remotely affordable here? I wanted to buy their house but my hubby wants to be a bit more financially secure before we take that step, which is wise! The Blasdels house was a REALLY good deal! And since housing is so cheap in Kansas they won't have to buy a fixer-upper this time around!)

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Phoebe said...

I think that is VERY exciting!!

Also - congrats on your dishwasher! With a family of 5, that is a HUGE blessing!


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