Thursday, August 6, 2009

Traveling Tips

This is a bad pic because my mom's cooler was squishing the bottom half of this when I took the pic but this over-the-door shoe organizer which I turned into a seat caddy sure was handy! I filled it up with bibs, wet wipes, sunscreen, rags, snacks, pacifiers, diapers, etc. so that things were always within reach and easily accesible. I sat in the seat facing this (directly behind my husband so I could bop him...just kidding) so I could tend to the kids.
My one complaint is that this organizer didn't hold up very well and tore in several places at the very end of the trip. So, I've made plans to make one out of denim scraps or sturdy fabric that is custom-designed to fit our van seats. If anyone knows of a good pattern, let me know!
The lower part of the organizer (which I had cut off) was tied around the back of Justus' carseat and held bottles and sippies of measured water that I merely had to add formula to. This was SO HANDY! The dirty bottles ended up back in the pockets so I could find them quickly and wash them out at gas stations.

To make the journey smoother I packed a few weeks in advance. This is part of being prepared, which I posted on recently as one of the most important parts of being a sane mommy! Of course I couldn't pack everything, but my kids have enough clothing that I was able to at least get that out of the way, minus undies, and pack travel activity bags, etc.

I consulted my Master Packing List, a document I made up to help me remember ALL of the essentials for 5 people. Before the Packing List I was prone to forgetting one or two things on every trip, like socks for myself at Christmas, and undies for Ali or some such thing. Now, I can check off as I go and make sure every kid gets their security blanket, pajamas, medicine, and that we get our camera, debit cards, keys, etc.

I packed MORE than enough kid's activities. I have been short on these in the past and have suffered much because of it (having the Air Conditioner stop working on a scorching long day in the car didn't help on that horrid trip either!) In a future post I'll feature a list of what I had along for the kiddoes!

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Randall and Rachel Beita said...

Great Tips!!

I have been planing to post some on my blog since we have spent the last 3 months living out of a suitcase attening and working alongside of missions teams that have come to work in Costa Rica for the summer.

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