Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation Update!

We're back! I'm scaling Mt. Laundry (to borrow Thia's phrase) and trying to get the house into order after unpacking. We pulled two all-nighters in a week (one there, and one back) in order to make the long drive and our kids did FABULOUSLY on the drive, thanks in part to having a minivan now that offers much more space for all the toys, sippy cups, etc. Since I often doze in the car, I'm glad King Jo was able to stay awake all night and not fall asleep at the wheel.

I have lots of ideas to share in future posts about traveling with kiddoes so come and visit me again!


Thia said...

Glad things went well. I still haven't gotten to posting about camping with littles...so much going on!

Lesley said...

Welcome Back!!! :)

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