Friday, August 7, 2009

Traveling Tips

A couple of weeks before our trip I sat down with boxes of caramel corn, raisins, goldfish crackers, ginger snaps, teddy grahams, Cheez-Its, granola bars, etc. and sorted things into individual serving size snack bags which I filled a Huggies diaper box with. My husband sat there and said, "Why go to all the work? When my family traveled my mom never did that. We just kept the snacks in their original boxes."
And my reply, "Have you ever tried to hand off a handful of goldfish crackers over a seat or two to a cranky toddler? Have you ever heard the squalls of toddlers who say it's not fair that brother got a bigger handful of crackers? Have you ever tried to hand a preschooler the box of crackers only to see it upside down and the snack poured out everywhere?"
Doing this was worth every ounce of the time and the dollar or less I spent on baggies!
A kid wants a snack, you toss them one!
No fighting over who got more since they are each excited to have a little package of their own!
Handy for throwing in the diaper bag for outings to church, playdates at friend's houses, or hungry kiddoes playing in the yard!
My hubby and I dipped into them as much as the kids and found them to be very convenient during our travels.
I packed SO MANY that we have lots of leftovers that are handy for grabbing when we head to the park.

*Note* If you pack ginger snaps, double bag the little baggies by throwing them all in a larger ziploc. The ginger is so strong that the other snacks can absorb it. Some of our cheeze crackers had a ginger-snapish smell to them! It wasn't a big deal and didn't bother us, but it might bother you!


Thia said...

I didn't do this, but I thought of it while we were camping. Mostly b/c the big bags of chips/pretzel didn't get closed right every time someone was done and they turned stale. What was left when we came home went right into the trash. What a waste! Next year...
Also, if your kids are good about it, just taking one, you could put some where they can reach and next time they want a can tell them to help themselves!

Randall and Rachel Beita said...

I do this too! Makes it so much easier. Since I have just on baby as of now I often us a little plastic bowl with a lid. Works great!!

Nikki said...

I did something similar on our last twelve hour trip, and it was sooo worth the extra time and effort. I also bought the little bottles of juice, so I could just pour them straight into sippy cups. That was worth the extra expense, too.

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