Monday, August 17, 2009

Every Now and Then

Josiah, Michael, and Jesse with Ileia and Carrie
Youth group photo scavenger hunt (photo with folks in uniform)

At a Beach-Themed bachelorette party for a friend from church

Shiloh, Amy, and I were on the winning team for the wedding relay and received crowns as prizes.

Every now and then you find yourselves friends with folks who are really special. Friends who will do just about anything for you and who are like family. You may have many differences but share the most important things in common. Every now and then you find a family where the Dads are great pals, the Moms are great friends, and the kids are practically like siblings because they hang out so much. You can empathize with, encourage, and help one another when the tough times come.

But life is ever-changing, and every now and then people move.

It is with utmost sadness that we will say goodbye to our friends Jesse, Shiloh, Carsen, Kennedy, and Havily, who are moving back to their home state of Kansas in 6 weeks. Jesse got a job as a youth pastor at a church just an hour from where both of their families live, and God opened all of the doors for them to make this move after 7 years here. It is hard for us to be happy for them because the hole their absence will leave in our family is so large. But we know God is faithful and He's brought many new friends into our lives in the last year, perhaps in preparation for this. We hope to stay in touch with them in spite of the physical distance between us.
Just because I know it will give them a laugh, I want to dedicate the song "Friends are Friends Forever" to the Blasdel family! It may be an over-played and old song, but the message remains true.


jesse said...

We have been blessed to know your family and count you as friends. Your husband certainly challenges and motivates me as a Christ-follower, husband and father. Shiloh and I have been discussing plans and ways for us to make sure we see each other regularly, so we need to discuss plans for the next 20-30 years and see when you guys are available!

Shiloh said...

We love you guys so much! It is going to be extremely hard for us to leave, but don't plan on getting rid of us that easily! :) I want our families to get together from time to time!

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