Monday, July 1, 2013

Yellowstone Trip

This is just a little glimpse of the highlights of our 10th Anniversary getaway to Yellowstone!

Dining at the Jackson Lake Lodge over-looking the Tetons

Cooking over a campstove was relaxing and fun without kids underfoot!

Standing at the Lower Falls overlook was terrifying! 

Mammoth Hot Springs

Fun breakfast

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Grand Prismatic Spring

The Dragon's Mouth Cave has hissing gurgles and rumbles coming out
with plumes of steam


Mama elk comforts baby elk who kept burning his toes trying to take a drink from a hot stream

This little guy tried to sneak a bite of my pancake one morning!

Josiah took this wonderful pic of a bull elk
A mama black bear with her two cinnamon-colored cubs

My pic was blurry, but Josiah got this nice shot of the black bear crossing the road.
If the ranger hadn't moved everyone back, we could have reached out and touched him (not that I wanted to!)

Our van, sans seats, made a great little camping spot, and was warmer and more bear-secure than a tent!  We found out later that a black bear was shot in our campground one of the nights we were staying there!  In June, it's still cold at night in Yellowstone.  Most of the tourists hadn't even brought jackets.  It was 26 degrees at night!  BRRR!

Old Faithful

We don't have to outrun the bear....just the tourists!  =)

Josiah built lots of fires to keep us warm in the mornings and at night.

2 Grizzly cubs


We did a lot of shopping in touristy gift shops and little places along the way, but my favorite stop was at the world-renowned Meeteetse Chocolatier's in tiny lil' Meeteetse, Wyoming.  This young cowboy has traveled to Europe to learn his secrets.  His truffles, though pricey, are the best chocolates EVER!  We also stopped in Thermopolis, where the world's largest hot springs are located, to swim in the free mineral springs bathhouse.
What a blessing to be able to have 4 kid-free days with my husband of a decade!  He was so sweet to plan this trip and make it special, even if we couldn't afford to go on a cruise or fly to some exotic locale.  He set aside his own agenda whenever I wanted to spend an hour or two chasing after bears to get pictures and allowed me to convince him that our kids really should have some souvenirs.  We found out that some of the best trips happen right in your own "backyard!" 

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