Monday, July 8, 2013

Note to Daddy

I'm a single mom for a few days as my husband is out of town for work, building a log cabin.
Alathia wrote this letter for Daddy to sneak into his luggage before he left.  He's hoping to be home in time to participate in a bike event where people get to test mountain bike prototypes for free.
So far, the kids are behaving themselves and we're having fun together.  We're going to snuggle up and watch Nim's Island this afternoon and tonight I'm throwing a Girl's Night Out party for my friends, where we'll get together to visit, craft, eat fondue and snacks, and relax!  I'm hoping that while my husband is gone I will get Katri's baby scrapbook done, finish this book, and start this audio book!
Josiah and Dad made this in Dad's pasture, then took it apart, much like Lincoln Logs, and they drove it to another town to put it together on the buyer's property.

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Thia said...

That is an awesome cabin! WOW! I pray the rest of the week goes smoothly for you and you enjoy your alone time.

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