Thursday, July 25, 2013

Seven Kids

My sweet friend had surgery this week so some of her kids hung out here for a couple of days.
We had loads of fun!  Here are her girls making their own pizzas one night.

Personal pizzas for everyone!

We biked to a nearby playground after dinner.

So glad my kids were able to round up a few extra bikes and helmets in the garage.  They spent much of their time at our house biking around the block!

Our favorite local ice-cream place has $1 cones on Tuesday nights.
My friend's son has such a sweet smile!


We made another water blob, only this time I used an air-mattress someone had given us. 
It worked really well, and lasts a LOT longer than using tarp and duct tape.
The kids spent a lot of time in the pool too!

We spent an hour making Get Well cards for their mama.
The biking brigade

We biked to the park one morning and had blue Jell-O for snack.

Water Blob Olympics

Pushing KK in the stroller, I looked like I was running a daycare!

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