Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer is here!

This is what happens when you give a baby one little Hershey's kiss and tell her to pop it in her mouth and not get sticky!  Uncle Grant (whom my kids call Uncle Googoo) was trying to win Little Miss Katri's affections, as she stubbornly refuses to like men other than Daddy.  He gave her this flower and the chocolate and by the time we drove 3.5 blocks home to our house, her hands and face were covered in it.

An update on our summer:

My goal was/is to have a SLOW summer.  That is my theme-word for 2012.  Boy, it can be a challenge to keep things slow!  My hubby joined a church softball team, clients have come out of their winter slumber and booked photo shoots, the kids are excited about attending a VBS this week, Ali is in a free Reader's Theatre program at the library, and the kids enjoy having pool parties on hot days.  We are striving to do a little school each day, spend LOTS of time outdoors, nourish relationships and spend a good deal of time with family, friends, and neighbors.  This is the first summer since 2003 (the year we got married) that I have not been pregnant or nursing/tending an infant!  I feel like a million bucks and I hope to fully enjoy this summer to the glory of God!

You'll probably see more posts than usual here this summer as I've given up using fb for the summer.  I still use my business page on fb, but I found that I was getting overwhelmed from the info overload there and feeling like I needed to step back from that for a while, like I did last summer, to take a bit of a media-break and recharge this summer.  Blogging is very relaxing to me, and is a great creative outlet for me, so you can expect to see many more pics and posts to come!  And I promise to finish my MFW series and post about our last two weeks of school, Q and Y which we did a few weeks ago!

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