Sunday, June 24, 2012


Now that you've heard about the highlight of my month, let me tell you about the low-light of my month.  Over a week ago I was googling this in desperation after playing a little bit of softball.  As much as I admire athletes and enjoy the outdoors and recreation, I'm not a "sports gal" and this incident was just more proof of that in a long line of ouchies involving this part of my face.

There were a lot of dark and hard moments with this.  Lots of white-hot physical pain, lots of emotional agony (going back to when I got a wound on this part of my face when I was a pre-teen that caused me years of low self-esteem/feeling unattractive), and indecisiveness once I saw a doctor and was faced with two difficult options: surgery (expensive, painful, inconvenient), or letting it heal on it's own and having a crooked nose for life.   Through this little trial God showed Himself faithful and very clearly communicated His love.  I would turn on the radio and the song would just speak to me with the exact words I needed to hear.  I was able to catch two doctor friends (a pediatrician and a retired Ear, Nose, and Throat doc) at church and get an informed opinion from them about whether or not my nose was broken (both said yes).  My kids blew me away with their love and support, moving me to tears on many occasions.  Alathia sobbed for over an hour the night it happened she felt so sad for Mommy and could see I was in so much pain.  Jeremiah assured me he loved me and Justus often prayed for me spontaneously.  One day, while I was still sporting some puffy eyes the boys piped up with, "Mom, you are too much pretty.  You are the prettiest girl we have ever seen in our entire life."  Justus told me he loved me even when I was injured and even when I yell at him. =)

I read this article online and couldn't stop crying.  God's Word was and is powerful and soothing.  My husband was loving and so, so supporting through this whole thing.  My best bud took time out of her extremely busy week to bring me some fresh brownies and lunches she had packed for our whole family to cheer me up.  My other friends offered lots of support and encouragement.  When I had finally made my difficult decision and decided to cancel the surgery that I was scheduled for (feeling it was unnecessary when everything had been weighed out), I discovered the ENT doctor I had seen had blessed me by refusing to charge me for the appointment.

So, 12 days after being knocked off my feet by a softball I never saw coming due to the sun being in my eyes, I can say that the pain and swelling are mostly gone, I am no longer getting strange looks when I go out in public looking like a battered wife, and this is yet another trial that has strengthened my faith and my marriage.  Will I let my hubby talk me into playing softball with his team again?  Only if a plexiglass face mask is involved!  =)

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