Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Little Graces

Life is full of those precious little moments that you want to hang onto...those little graces in your day that whisper of God's goodness...
A little sis wanting to be like big sis
Brother and sister dancing together

The three "camping out" together in the playroom in our big tent Daddy set up for the night

Chubby baby girl in a fluffy, cotton-candy-like tutu that makes her look even chubbier!

Favorite books from the library

A watermelon potbelly

Boys and squirming things

Her saying, "Dance!  Dance!"

A robin family high above our yard

Always active little boy

The way she takes care of her, loves her, and models good behavior for her

Him asking his baby sister to dance

A perpetual smile

Blueberries on sale!  Breyer's vanilla...yum!

A full moon with whispy clouds floating in front of it

Asking me to cut her hair--goodbye daily hair battles and tangles!

His imagination

His love for nature and God's little creatures

Marveling at the snake's blue-looking eyes

Her ability to spend hours playing in or with water, completely fascinated by dumping and pouring.

The amazingly vivid colors that one gets when photographing on a cloudy day. 
This is straight-out-of-camera (SOOC), taken at a wedding we attended on a chilly day in late May.

Young ladies sewing in a tent they made from a sheet

So much creativity flowing between them!

Daddy building a new fence to keep little ones in and unwanted ones out

My brother being home on his days off and hanging out with us


Our Home to Yours said...

I am just amazed at how grown up Ali looks.. so beautiful!!!!!! What a lovely young lady.. ;)

LS said...

Thanks Laura! Your girls are so beautiful too! I love seeing what you guys are up to on your blog. And I bought some postcards for Leah! I'd love if you sent us some too!

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