Monday, March 26, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter K (Kangaroo)

The second week of March was K week!  Our key words were "I am safe in God."

The kids enjoyed learning about kangaroos and Australia and trying to find "K" words.

We colored our K coloring pages, practiced writing the letter K, and made binder pages with a mama kangaroo carrying a joey on them.  Even lil' Katrielle wanted to "do school" with us!

We measured the distance a kangaroo can jump (42 feet) and then the kids had several hopping contests to see who could hop the farthest.  Justus and Jer took turns being the winners even though they are shorter than Ali.

The boys continued to have swimming lessons

Everyone in our family would agree that their favorite K is little Katri!
The boys were anxious to learn to spell out her name with alphabet tiles

This is not the greatest pic, but it's the best I could get of the kids with their little kangaroo pouches.
We read the book Katy No-Pocket here and then the kids picked out fabric from my scrap fabric bin and I quickly sewed 4 little pouches.  Over the last few weeks they have worn their pouches almost daily, usually to carry their Nalgene sippies while biking or their little toys they want to take with them wherever we are going.  Even Katri has a little pink pouch!  The curriculum suggested making aprons but I felt these pouch sacks were a little bit more practical, especially for little boys.
Learning about kangaroos was interesting for me; those kangaroo mamas sure take good care of those little joeys!  We watched some educational videos online about kangaroos and read some books from the library about marsupials.

We never seem to have a dull moment around here!  During Kangaroo Week Josiah's family decided on short notice to come and stay with us for the weekend, so while the guys snowmobiled, Grandma Kathy hung out with us.  What a perfect week for Kathy to come!

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