Friday, March 16, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter P (Penguin)

Learning about the letter P was tons of fun!  We all love penguins and have many cute penguin books so we enjoyed snuggling together to talk about how Daddy penguins care for their eggs while the Mommy penguins are away. 
Justus' favorite book during penguin week was "The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly."

We made P-shaped pizzas for dinner one night.  The kids all made their own pizzas.  In keeping with our key words for the week "I show love to everyone, especially to my family" the kids made
Katrielle two little pizzas so she could have special pizza too.
I think the P keywords now tie with the horse key words (I obey right away!) as the most-oft-quoted-by-mom MFW words in the curriculum!  I loved this theme.  I encouraged the kids to think of ways they could bless their family members and show love to them.

One evening while Daddy was working with Ali on handwriting practice, the boys and I made a penguin puppet.

Dr. Suess doesn't start with a P, but since it was his birthday and Read Across America Day, we went to a friends' house and had a green eggs and ham lunch and colored Dr. Suess pictures.  We read several of our Suess favorites too.

P is for pool!  The boys started swimming lessons, which are two mornings a week for 6 weeks.  They are loving them!  Mommy is loving that they are learning water safety/swimming and that swimming wears them out and burns lots of their energy!

Grammy stopped by after school on Dr. Suess' birthday with a funny disguise.  Katri didn't know what to think!

I'm not sure what masks have to do with Dr. Suess or P, but Grammy gave the kids these white masks to decorate and they were thrilled with them and wore them around for the next few days. 

The kids were pointing out "P" words all week and now I've forgotten most of the connections they made, but one I do remember is potluck.  We had a potluck after church on Sunday.

I let the kids watch a couple of penguin cartoons from the library during P week and we colored penguin print-outs and glued them to our binder pages.  The boys worked on tracing their names with these wonderful free worksheets I found online and we continued reviewing their alphabet and phonics.  Ali had a friend over and I taught them the basics of hand sewing and they made dozens of little tunics for their barbies.

And that wraps up penguin week!  I think next year I'll do penguin week right before Christmas and take the kids sledding and skating and we'll do snow-related science experiments.  Our cousins who are doing MFW Kindergarten this year are picking and choosing the letters they do each week, and I love that idea! Next year I plan to switch the weeks up a bit to better suit our own family's needs and the weather patterns in our area.

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Thia said...

THANK YOU for sharing the handwriting worksheet. In the past year I've looked at so many, but none did what I wanted them to do...this does! This will make things easier!

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