Monday, March 12, 2012

Simple Living Goals Update

Here's a re-cap of how I'm doing in my simple living goals:

Guard Sundays

Our Truth Project Bible Study ended, making Sundays less busy.
My hubby and I worked out a deal where I watch one TV show in the evenings and he agrees to have Sunday be a media/internet-free day.  I'm enjoying how we're playing games together and with the kids instead of just doing computer/media stuff.

Lately, Saturdays have been packed, causing me to have to do my cleaning job on Sunday afternoons when the kids are napping.  So, in guarding this day, my next goal is to get my cleaning done on Saturdays if at all possible so Sunday can also include a nap and be even more restful!

Examine My Relationships
I have let some relationships go and embraced others that are new.  It's really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that relationships ebb and flow and change with the different seasons of life.  Because many of my friends don't homeschool, it can cause us to be in different circles/stages (whatever you want to call it) and that can mean less hanging out with those friends.  And I've had to realize that this is okay.  Other friends have moved or want to move soon.  Other friends change and we have less in common.  I've learned that while it's wonderful to have forgiveness and healing in difficult relationships, sometimes you have to realize that all you will ever have with someone who is totally different from you is an acquaintance-ship and not a deep friendship.  And that's okay!  And the world doesn't stop turning if I don't throw a huge birthday bash or Ladies' Night Out for every single friend in my life!
This is an area of continual growth for me!  I need to continually let God lead me and show me who He wants me to be friends with in each season.

Participate in Activities

Ali enjoyed her homeschool drawing class at the library and learned a LOT!  She will be taking plaster-casting later this month.  The boys are LOVING swimming lessons.  Jer isn't sure if he wants to do spring soccer.  So, we may end up skipping soccer and doing more swimming instead.  Ali is excelling in AWANA and we all enjoy our Pray and Play group each week.  Ali has started leading a Bible Club for girls during that time when the moms are doing their own Bible Study/Prayer time.

Less Trash

I'm excited to start a compost bin this spring and have been looking for ways to cut down on our trash.  We've been recycling, buying in bulk more, and trying to re-use whatever we can.  I've been sewing cloth gift bags out of fabric scraps to save on wrapping paper and provide the recipient with re-usable, recycled bags they can pass on!

Shop Less
I haven't been shopping at Walmart since November.  Having 4 kids forces you to shop less because you just don't have the time and energy.  And since we've been trying to go more-organic in our diet, we've ordered a lot of things online (vitacost.  Bountiful Baskets provides our bread and produce, and I'm trying to stay away from buying little extras that we really don't need, like cute outfits for Katri on clearance, etc. etc.


Lately fb hasn't been a problem.  I'm not on there for very long and I mainly use it to keep up with close family and share photos of my kids with family and post notices about Pray and Play or Frugal Friends.  But, less "face-time" is an ongoing goal for simplifying life!

Container Garden

I'm making plans, in my head, for this endeavor!  I'm hoping the kids can help with the planting, watering, and harvesting so it can be a family thing.  But our growing season is very short and we won't plant until around June 1st.

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