Monday, February 6, 2012

Taking Stock....

The trash cans are overflowing, the dirty dishes piled high, the laundry twin mountains of clothes to be washed and clothes to be folded.  It's always easy to give in to discouragement and exhaustion, allowing the mind to wander to what ifs or whys.  But, in the midst of the mess and the chaos, the endless work and relentless neediness, I am taking stock.  I flip through homeschool lesson books to remind myself of how much we actually have accomplished.  I scroll through blog posts about our weekly lessons and am reminded of the fun we had, the experiments we did, the field trips, and the learning.  I take a minute to just capture the beauty in these 4 precious souls I have been entrusted with.

And instead of thinking about what we haven't done, what they haven't yet learned, what chores I need to get to, I take stock of the blessings.

My big girl is so sweet and thoughtful!

Justus is getting much better about raising his hand when he wants to talk
instead of always interrupting.

I have a husband who delights in little children
and loves me unconditionally.

Big brothers sure are funny!

Justus is always saying the funniest things!  He has a big imagination!
He and his brother are convinced that they are going to ride rockets in Heaven and drive monster trucks down the golden streets.

The boys spoil Katrielle ROTTEN!  They shower her with love!

I can never get enough of Justus' sunny smiles

My tender sweetheart, with a heart as rich and sweet as his chocolate-colored eyes!

My baby girl is in no hurry to grow up.  She loves to be cuddled and held,
which this Mama enjoys!

Best friends

Reading together

Alathia helps me soooo much!

The little kids

A visitor to our church commented on my husband's smile, she thought it was so joyful.

Daddy is so funny, he makes my tongue curl!

Ali transformed the living room into "Ali's Jewlry Factry" one day and had little beaded bracelets and necklaces everywhere.  There was even a little money box and check-out stand and papers that read, "Thancs for shopen to day"
She sold lots of jewelry to Mom, Dad, Grammy, and her friends!

Heart leggings are so fun!  Love dolling my little girls up!

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