Monday, February 13, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter G (Goat)

I'm sorry for falling off the bandwagon in getting my homeschool recaps up!  Another round of bad colds, another round of stomach flu, another triple round of birthdays, and another round of plumbing issues have made the last few weeks very busy.  So, this is about 3 weeks late in getting posted!

There weren't a lot of books available at our library about goats, but the kids did enjoy an old favorite, "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."  They acted it out after we read it.  Ali was the scary Troll.

Daddy brought home this green punch from Youth Group and the boys loved it! 
We didn't have a special G snack for goat week so something G-reen was perfect!  I did see goat's milk and goat cheese in my local grocery store, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it.  I knew the kids and I wouldn't like it and it would just be wasted.   I had pet goats as a child, and I remember the taste....

Our binder page of the week.  The theme was "Jesus dies for my sins."
We talked a lot about the scapegoat that the Israelites used to symbolize someone carrying our sins away on the Day of Atonement and how Jesus was our scapegoat.

A friend in the homeschooling community was gracious enough to let us come and visit her hobby farm and meet Cocoa and Mocha, her goats.  Cocoa just had triplets, but this baby was the only one to survive.  Mocha is hugely pregnant and due with twins or triplets any day!

Baby goat standing in her feeding bowl!

Ali made goat puppets and set up a puppet show, without being asked, and they performed it for me.

It's always amazing to me how our homeschool lessons fit in with our regular life.
During G week, my mom, "Grammy" had a birthday! 
So, we spent lots of time thinking about Grammy, wrapping gifts, and making treats to celebrate her!

One song that we sang that begins with a G is
G-O-S-P-E-L, a CEF song that I sang often as a child.
This song also fit in well with the theme for the week.

I'm very pleased with how Ali is doing ever since I gave her part of the responsibility for her schoolwork.  She is keeping up and I feel so much better about how much is getting done!

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