Monday, February 27, 2012

My Father's World--The Letter H (Horse)

If you're getting tired of me beginning every week's homeschool update with a report on how someone in the family has been sick, know that I'm just as sick of sickness reports too!  I wish the kids would stop getting sick!  My friend Nicci taught me to make my own elderberry tincture so when it's done in a few weeks I will have a good immune booster/cold fighter on hand.
The girls took turns having stomach flu during horse week but we still were able to enjoy some horseback riding and thankfully Ali was healthy again in time for her big "Pony Birthday" the weekend after horse week.

Jer thought riding Boppa's horses was the best thing ever!  He declared it "funner" than snowmobiling, one of his favorite activities!

Ali was a bit timid around the horse and Justus was just plain scared so Jer did most of the brushing and riding.  I didn't get any pics of when Ali rode the horse.

Grandpa saddled Banjo up for us and I led the kids around the pasture.  It was great exercise for me for an hour!

Banjo is a huge horse; a Percheron/Quarter Horse mix.

It was cool to have my camera on hand when Crockett and Rico had a fight.
They are full-blooded brothers (Morgan/Percheron) and they are constantly at each other.
Now I know where the term "horseplay" came from. 
They fight just as much, if not more, than my own boys!

Ali got a unicorn pillow pet for her birthday, which kind of fit in with the horse theme!

We played "Pin the tail on the pony" and had a pony race at the party

She got a couple of new pony/horse toys for her birthday

We had horse snacks!  Mini-wheats, apples, and alfalfa/carrot smoothies!

For their binder pages they glued photographs of horses that I had taken onto their binder sheets.  We talked a lot about obedience because our key words were "I obey right away."  I think this was the week when the key words were most quoted by Mom to the kids!  =)

The kids enjoyed learning the song "Trust and Obey" and we enjoyed many books from the library about horses.

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