Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dramatic De-Cluttering

Our Pray and Play group is going through the book The Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson.  It is an excellent book and we've all been very inspired by it.  Last week's lesson was on "home keeping" and I challenged the ladies to de-clutter a hot spot in their home and post pics on the group's facebook page. The challenge was the motivation I needed myself to get one particularly awful area of my bedroom cleaned up.  For months, it has been a dumping ground for craft supplies.  My Aunt cleaned out all of her craft stuff in the fall and gave us 5 huge tubs of craft supplies and stuff.  She was worried about becoming a hoarder (she's not even close!) and the funny thing was once I piled all the craft stuff in my bedroom I began to feel like a hoarder! 

Before Pics:

I sorted the craft stuff 3 or 4 different times and I can finally say that we've pared it down to what we will use throughout the years and what is manageable.  I put the many scrapbooking stickers in my scrapbooking box, several things went to the homeschool closet, and a couple of apple boxes full went to the Christian school my mom teaches at for art supplies.  I've shared LOTS with friends and Ali has had craft supplies to delight her ever-creative heart to no end!  I got rid of a huge garbage bag of trash, 1 bag of stuff to donate to the thrift store, and a big box of fabrics to give away that I don't want.  It feels so good to de-clutter!

Here are the results in my craft wing of my bedroom:

Ugly curtains...I know...but the only ones we could find in this town for 8 foot windows!

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